About A Glimmer of Hope Foundation

In the late 1980s, Diana Napper found herself juggling a family and a career, just like many other young women. She and her husband were living in New Jersey, anxious to return to their hometown of Pittsburgh, PA where they planned to begin raising a family.

By 1990 Diana's world had turned upside down. She and her husband and family did indeed move back to Pittsburgh, but she left behind her best friend, Carol Jo Weiss Friedman, dying of breast cancer.

She and her friend kept in touch, visited, and talked with one another often. But on Christmas Eve in 1990 Carol Jo lost her battle.

Carol Jo had always encouraged Diana to pursue her dream of opening a jewelry business. Before her death, she made Diana promise to pursue that dream and told her that when she became successful she could take the money and open a hospice in her name.

With that thought always in her mind, the local jewelry designer, now taking care of three small children and a husband, decided to design a pin that would capture the pain and emotion that she and her friend had gone through.

It didn't take her long to create what she saw as "A Glimmer of Hope" -- something for everyone whose lives have been touched by breast cancer. Designed with a teardrop Swarovski crystal, (symbolic of the tears shed over the disease) and topped with a pearl, (representing hope), the pin became a reality 11 years ago in 1994. Earlier this year, Diana introduced a complimenting bracelet to the pin with the same symbolic pearl and crystals.

Since the first day she began wearing the pin, Diana has had complete strangers stop her and ask her about it instantly wanting to know how they can help in her fight against this insidious disease. With only the support of volunteers, friends and family behind her, over $2,000,000 has been raised.